1820 Magazine & ALMA International Cooking School announce partnership

1820 Magazine and ALMA The International School of Italian Cuisine have announced a media partnership for the next 9 months. The partnership will see the ALMA School & 1820 Magazine join forces in the first digital English only media platform through media rich content and more traditional digital content avenues.

“Having the ALMA School back what we are as a media platform is testament to what we have created. They are the best Italian cooking school in the world, and now it’s down to us to help tell a unique story, the way partners can.” Replied Marco Paone, Editor-in-Chief of 1820 Magazine said. “It will also be nice to capture more of what real Italian gastronomy is, and not what you can frequently see on the social media”.

1820 Magazine was established in late 2016 when Marco Paone wanted to help shape what Italian gastronomy was really all about. First as a print magazine and now as a digital media platform, 1820 has developed into a fully equipped team of writers, photographers and media producers publishing content that helps tell the story of real Italy.

“I’m personally looking forward to the new grey hairs thanks to Marco’s neurotic approach” replied Gino De Blasio, co-editor of 1820 Magazine. “ALMA School is arguably the crown jewel of Italian cuisine, and being selected to represent them with our platform is just the start. We believe that storytelling is an ongoing, ever living creature, one that needs to be captured for an audience that consumes from the big screen to their confusingly bigger phones.”

“The power of digital is huge and in a short space of time, our team has put together content that resonates with an audience in a different way. We know that we can help shape the argument that Italian gastronomy is a pinnacle of gastronomy, in relation with other food cultures in the world” Marco Paone.

  • ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine was established in 2004 to be the the most authoritive centre for Italian Cuisine. Based in the heart of Food Valley, ALMA headquarters is inside the gorgeous Palazzo Ducale of Colorno, Parma. With its campus equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and an international network of more than 20 culinary schools all around the world, ALMA is globally recognised as the leading international educational and training centre for the Italian gastronomy.
  • For further media enquiries contact Gino De Blasio on info@1820Magazine.com