Who are we?

1820 Magazine is about the REAL Italy. It doesn’t hold back on bringing you the stories of a nation that is universally loved and yet still undiscovered. Italy is vibrant, unique and filled with a history that deserves a real understanding and not one that is limited to small soundbites or pop culture references. 1820 wants to show that there is more to Italy and Italian culture.

Together with our team of writers, investigators, cultural gastronomes and food lovers our mission is simple; give you stories about Italy that you may have never heard of, or provide greater depth into what makes the nation we call home, different. What started as an ode to the Italian palette, gastronomy of the highest quarters we evolved into something bigger, something different. To know Italy is to know food, people and the stories that bring together a nation that is still finding its unified identity to this very day.

It is no coincidence that our magazine is called 1820. It is, in honour of the grandfather of Italian cooking, Pellegrino Artusi. (Artusi was born in 1820) His vision to create what was Italy’s first recipe book became more of a thesis into the Italian psyche. An understanding of culture, of people and the unique appreciation of how things can change quickly from one space to another. This was the first real documenting of Italy and it is something we are carrying on with our publication.

So, we evolved. Like our magazine, like our readers, we want to talk about real things, not stereotypes. That is why 1820 Magazine is committed to bringing real stories, real ideas and real views about Italy. It is the only Italian magazine that does so in the English language.

Our aim is to make you discover a real Italy. One you may have seen yourself, or one you may have never known.

1820 is about food, people and culture.

Are you a writer?

We are looking for writers, those that truly understand Italian culture and want to communicate that with the world. We have paid writing opportunities, we don’t understand this word, “exposure”. But we also want writers that can convey emotion, have passion and can communicate in multiple ways. If you think you fit the bill, drop a line with three writing examples to our co-editor, Gino De Blasio at hello@ariamedia.co.uk

Want to advertise with us?

We are looking for advertisers. Those that want to promote their brand in the best way, with a magazine that cares. From food products to vacations – those that have a connection with Italian food, culture and people, we want to speak to you. Contact our editor, Marco Paone at info@1820magazine.com.

About 1820 Magazine

We are a social creatures. We love talking to those that share our passions and think that they can help our family tell stories of the real Italy. We want to communicate with the world about our passion and we want to tell a story so if you like, love or even disagree with something we may have on our site, get in touch. You can drop us a line on our form or even directly to, info@1820magazine.com