ALMA: La Scuola Internazionale Di Cucina Italiana.

ALMA, the International School of Italian Gastronomy is at the forefront of Italian gastronomic culture. 

Established in 2002, the ALMA school has welcomed thousands of students who through advanced training and a program designed to encapsulate everything that the hospitality industry can muster, every student that walks through the door receives a comprehensive education in their chosen field with the industry's leaders. 

In the heart of the food valley lies a school that was a vision of its rector, Gualtiero Marchesi, a father of modern Italian gastronomy. His legacy, and that of the staff is to create the next generation chef. One that understands that the food world has new and evolving needs, one that responds to trends and requirements, one that is sustainable and still creative, one that understands that what we do today has an impact for the future. 

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ALMA is founded on six core principles that transmit the values and identity of Italian gastronomy to all of their students. In short these are; 

1) ALMA trains cooks, confectioners, sommeliers, bakers, dining professionals and restaurant managers from all over the world. 

2) ALMA has always promoted the Italian agri-food heritage through high education. The school is dedicated in the safeguarding, teaching and diffusion of the Italian product. 

3) ALMA constantly expands and updates its teaching with great attention and sensitivity towards the new needs of the world of catering and hospitality, building a training offer based on the knowledge of tradition but capable of facing the new challenges of the modern era.

4) ALMA is training the Next Generation of hospitality professionals. Our daily commitment is to foster an eno-gastronomic education and culture based on the values of sustainability, food sovereignty and well-being linked to consumption styles.

5) ALMA's syllabus is inspired by the teaching with which the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi led the School, as Rector, from 2002 to 2017. Together with today's teachers and industry professionals, ALMA leads the charge in creating the the finest the hospitality industry can offer. 

6) ALMA takes as its guiding principles integrity, correctness and confidentiality. This is fundamental to ALMA's governance and how the students grow into hospitality patrons. 

Next Generation Chef

Next Generation Chef is ALMA's daily commitment to promoting education and a culture based on the values of sustainability, food sovereignty and consumption styles. 

The world is changing, constantly evolving and creating new demands on how we eat, the values of food in society and how we will maintain a world that needs to become more self sufficient. To do this requires knowledge, ideas and a vision, that is what, Next Generation Chef, is there to answer. 

ALMA has contacted hundred of sector experts including chefs, historians, producers, journalists, critics and academics to work on research and development of the most advanced teaching through round tables, conferences and international surveys.

The result of this attention to detail is the training of professionals for the future who are aware and responsible, capable of entering immediately into the world of work with a wealth of technical skills and a system of values that are now indispensable even in this type of profession.

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