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We are looking for writers, those that truly understand Italian culture and want to communicate that with the world. We have paid writing opportunities, we don’t understand this word, “exposure”. But we also want writers that can convey emotion, have passion and can communicate in multiple ways. If you think you fit the bill, drop a line with three writing examples to our co-editor, Gino De Blasio at hello@ariamedia.co.uk

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We are looking for advertisers. Those that want to promote their brand in the best way, with a magazine that cares. From food products to vacations – those that have a connection with Italian food, culture and people, we want to speak to you. Contact our editor, Marco Paone at info@1820magazine.com.

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We are a social creatures. We love talking to those that share our passions and think that they can help our family tell stories of the real Italy. We want to communicate with the world about our passion and we want to tell a story so if you like, love or even disagree with something we may have on our site, get in touch. You can drop us a line on our form or even directly to, info@1820magazine.com